Nikon d7000 vs Canon 60d

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Re: Nikon d7000 vs Canon 60d

Mark1t wrote:

want to upgrade from a canon 40d, and i decided to buy a d7000, but today i tried the 60d and it was really good.

I know the d7000 has much better dinamic range, but does this matter? I saw that the 60d has very nice contrast on the pictute withoud edditing? So which one should I buy? The third option is the 7d? But that also has a shellow dynamic range.



the D7000 is a really nice camera, however I did not like its grip as much as the 60Ds (even though I tried). Imho the main differences are:


+ has AF microadjustment (how many people really use it?)

+ better built

+ better ISO range and better IQ at high ISO (3200 +)

+ faster fps (6-7)

- only one framerate for HD video

- is much more expensive imho (on amazon they have a deal where you get the 60D (body) for $800 including a free ($500) 70-300 IS)

The 60D and the 7D have the same sensor as far as I know and I believe between these three cameras at ISOs below 3200 you wont see a big difference. The differences in price are more due to differences in ergonomics than image quality.

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