Win8 user experience tested by Jakob Nielsen

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Re: Win8 user experience tested by Jakob Nielsen

Simon Garrett wrote:

Geoff Coupe wrote:

It certainly seemed to me that Nielsen was deliberately misrepresenting the behavior of Windows 8; see

For the most part, I was not impressed at all by Nielsen's review.

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Geoff Coupe

You might not agree with his review, but to to talk of "deliberately mispreresenting" is a bit much.

You say in your blog "I continue to be amazed at the amount of vitriol being poured upon it" but to talk about deliberate misrepresntation is pretty vitriolic.

What this all shows is how emotive an issue this is - a "Marmite" issue as you describe it. To me this suggests that Microsoft were mistaken in removing the start menu. The early preview releases on W8 included the start menu, but that was removed, presumably to force users to try Metro. Much better psychology to let users try Metro voluntarily than to impose it on them.

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Sorry, but I give two instances where it seems clear to me (and others) that Nielsen does not accurately represent the actual behavior of Windows 8. This strikes me as being disingenuous. My dictionary defines this as being "wanting in frankness, openness or candour, underhand, or mediocre". If you don't like the term misrepresentation, then let's go with mediocre.

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Geoff Coupe

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