t3i (600D) Meike battery grip having trouble with AAs

Started Nov 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Silverback1988 Contributing Member • Posts: 706
Try eneloops / imedions / etc.

I never use Meike battery grip before.

My experience is only from using the original ones.

Some non-rechargeable AA batteries won't turn on the camera,

but the other would.

All rechargeable AAs (1.2 volt each) will work, though the voltage is lower than the non-rechargeable one.

I have been using eneloops (2000 mAh), imedion (2100 mAh), GP Recyco (2050 mAh),

and Sony cycle energy.

They all work great.

The capacity of Six AAs is the same about single Li-ion LP-E8.



BobtheMagicMoose wrote:

I have had my Meike battery grip for a bit over a year and just now am trying out AAs in it. I got it just for the added size so the camera would fit better in my hand. I am considering getting a batch of rechargeable AAs for my flash and it would be nice if they would work in the camera as well, but I notice that with some slightly used Duracells the camera flashes like it is about to go dead. If I swap a couple Duracells for cheap-o $1 batteries the camera won't even turn on. With the Duracells I get 8.6V (6 in the cartridge, the batteries are a titch used).

So I guess I'm wondering, is my battery grip defective or is this normal? I also worry that getting a bunch of NiMH rechargeables will be insufficient because they only will put out 7.2V (6x1.2V). Anyone else have these problems/concerns?

I previously had another off brand battery grip which died and it had the problem that AAs always showed a full charge until the camera shut off so it may be that AA implementation in these grips is just not that great.

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