To P7700 users: what made you choose the P7700 over the G15 ?

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Re: To P7700 users: what made you choose the P7700 over the G15 ?

Hélios Méroé wrote:

The Canon G15 Jpeg & Raw are obviously more blurry and post treated than the Nikon P7700 outputs..but to me frankly not better..But Dpreview has made their choice..they will not review the P7700, Richard Butler told me they didn't have time to review all the APN in this category..if i understand correctly his answer, their choice of camera is based on people interest..the P7700 despite its many qualities didn't retain enough people's attention..

The only problem i see with that is..if all the famous photo sites (Dpreview, Dcresource, Cameralabs, Imaging Resource ect..) are only respecting the rules of "external" buzz..this is no more justice it's just business..

The P7700 IQ is concretly better than the G15 and XZ2 (a still growing amount of persons including me have ended up at the same conclusion) but if we don't see any review that confirms this fact..the the P7700 will have to struggle against an unfair indifference wave of the medias..

Nikon has done a very good job with this deserve better but it seems that specialized sites have decided otherwise ..

absolutly agree..well put

p7700 is sleepers

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