HDR with 7D

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ESfishdoc wrote:

lordbeau wrote:


Former Canon then Nikon user her with three separate post:

This post: how is HDR with the 7D? Is is only three pics, I notice, but up to 3 stops apart should make a good range. I'd be interested to hear how results are. On the D7000, is is only up to two stops apart (three shots again).

I don't think of HDR as being dependent on a camera. If you can put it on a tripod you can shoot 3 or 8 or 12 exposures and process them as you see fit. However... many are just bracketing 3 exposures hand held.. and that can be quite adequate. In my opinion the 7D is better than some for hand held because of its fast frame rate. On the other hand there are obviously better cameras for lots of things.

Here is one that was done hand held if I remember. A bit over the top processing perhaps. Both of the following are shot with a 7D.


This one was 3 shots from a tripod.


There are so many options with HDR.


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Some nice BIF shots in your gallery.  Curious what lens you are using ? Some images are nice and sharp

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