TAv mode — do you use it?

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Re: TAv mode — do you use it?

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But with live music photography, I rarely use anything other than spot metering. "link metering to focus point" does not work for spot metering. Only the multi-segment metering. So even with that setting on, it will still meter off the centre point while focusing with a different point. You end up having to meter, lock the exposure and then recompose, focus and shoot. With concert lighting and moving performers that can be a hassle.

I haven't explored metering points in TAv so I don't know about linking exposure and focus in that mode.

However, my experience of shooting performers on stage is that it's painfully easy to clip highlights. This can cause false colours if reds (say) are clipped but blues aren't. I deal with this by dialling in -EV to protect the highlights and then open in PP. How much to dial depends on the sensor: I see in another thread that you use a K-30 so -2EV is fine, and possibly more.

With that amount of compensation yoy don't need to bother about the light varying because everything will be safe. You can use matrix metering to avoid the effect of small spots of light in your focus point. The images will, of course, look dark on the camera's monitor and when you first opent them on the computer. However, any imaging software will easily open up the shadows so that the picture looks right.

Do use centre weighted or the full multi segment metering?

I use full matrix metering but with -2EV it doesn't matter a lot because you'll be opening up most of the image anyway.  -2 is a generic value and you might find you need more or less than that; experiment with both that and metering mode to find what suits you best.

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