BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

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Re: BIF- Cropping EF 100-400 L IS vs Tamron 70-300 SP VC Photos ?

foggy wrote:

I just bought the 400 5.6 prime, prior I was shooting a 70-200 4 non IS on a 60D with a 1.4 teli and with the 1.4 is just short of your Tamy giving me around 450mm plus at 5.6 I could shoot BIF all day with no problem coming up with tack sharp images. Getting the 400 prime or 640 on a crop body was like stepping through a door for me. I would come up with so so sharp images enough so I was wondering if there was a flaw in the 400 I then backed up in my pursuits a little and started shooting birds and other small animals as they fed as long as I shot with a shutter speed up around 1/250 to 1/500th the shots were tack sharp so much so that I could go almost into the photos 200% or so and see really sharp detail (so much for the flaw in the lens).

I live in the NW US in a rain forest and it's always raining or overcast here. The overcast causes light loss and with a 5.6 long lens you have to push the ISO up to get decent shutter speed. For BIF I've been shooting at the wildlife refuge just north of Vancouver Washington and the blue herons and other large birds depending on the season can be 100 yards or longer away. They will lift off or land right in front of you. Each outing is different as to what you see but for me the 400 just is long enough better with a 1.4 on it but no AF So in your situation are you going to need the zoom or are you always shooting at the long end..? If you have other uses for the zoom ok otherwise keep the Tamy and get the prime which is lighter and not a dust pump like the zoom.

We've already come to the problem with my photos as my learning curve with the long lens. You have prior experience with the 100-400 the 400 prime would be a walk for you why not rent one for a shoot and see..?


Foggy, thanks for sharing your experience.  I am now thinking of the 400mm prime as well now.  Phew!!! Decisions decisions!!!. 

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