Considering E-P3: Own E-PL1 & E-PM1 (Maybe E-PM2 Would Make More Sense?)

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Considering E-P3: Own E-PL1 & E-PM1 (Maybe E-PM2 Would Make More Sense?)

I've owned the E-PL1 since February of this year, for the past 2-odd months I've also owned the E-PM1 (I initially sold the E-PL1 but I got so little for it, and it came back up for sale at that same low price of $80 for the body, I figured--why not, and bought it back). I added the E-PM1 despite rumors that new PENs were arriving which utilized the new OM-D/EM-5 sensor. I also own the Nikon D5100 DSLR with a compatible 50mm 1.8 and 18-105mm VR, such is my "best" gear.

The assumption with me has been that once the E-PM2 arrived that I would get it and sell off the E-PL1 and E-PM1 both, as I tend to place sensor technology over body features (hence my upgrading my Nikon D5000 to the D5100 instead of the D90). However, I've seen the E-P3 selling for low prices to where I could just about get it simply by selling the E-PL1 and E-PM1. I find I use the E-PM1 most of the time anyway, I don't really need two m4/3rds bodies.

I've considered the E-P3 for several reasons. One, it has a built-in-flash, and sometimes I wish my E-PM1 had one, especially with fill-flash for outdoor portraits. However, I rarely use the E-PL1 (which does have a built-in flash) anymore because I like the controls of the E-PM1 better--I like the "jog wheel" & the ability to map WB & ISO to hot buttons vs having to use the Super Control Panel (SCP). The E-P3 would have these controls, plus the touch-screen features (I tried out a Panasonic GF3 briefly & while I ended up selling it the touch-screen ability was nice). In fact, the E-P3, with its extra buttons & 2 dials, would be really loaded with nice controls.

Also, as the m4/3rds is meant to be the more "everyday" camera for me (vs my DSLR) and I acquired both at a low price ($210 for the E-PL1 kit, $255 for the E-PM1 kit--both from Cameta), if I were to carry around a $600 camera (what the E-PM2 kit costs) that aspect could make me less comfortable taking it everywhere the way I routinely do with my E-PM1 now. The E-P3 I've seen is only $350 with the 14-42mm II R. Also, I have Lightroom 3.5, which is compatible with the 12mp PEN RAW files, were I to get the newer generation, I'd also have to factor in the expense of upgrading to LR4.

One other thing: a lot of posts have spoken of the ineffectiveness of the IBIS in the E-PM1, but I never hear of that with the E-P3. Am I to assume that the IBIS is better in the E-P3?

My inclination is to go for the E-P3 and then consider upgrading to the newer 16mp PENs when a true replacement for the E-P3 comes out & the price has dropped after it's been out for a bit. While I appreciate the extra compactness of the E-PM1 & would thus feel likewise with the E-PM2 (and of course would like the newer 16mp sensor), I really dislike having to deal with a clip-on flash for "fill flash" situations. I'm surprised I haven't misplaced the E-PM1's flash as it is.


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