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Gidday Al .....

Al93151 wrote:


Thanks for you reply ?!

So you are basically saying :-

'If you cannot afford a Leica camera - go away ? - even if one enjoys the Leica Forum and quality of images posted on it so much as to day in day out, come to it ?'

Hi Al, firstly welcome to the Leica forum. I thought your offering from Dumfries and Galloway was nicely captured and presented - portrait orientation was definitely the way to go there. And, I also prefer it in B/W without all the colour distraction on this occasion.

As for your interpretation of EricWN's comments, well, it is precisely that - an interpretation only. Some of us navigate the guidelines with a greater degree of rigidity than others. I'm unclear why Eric felt the compulsion to point this out to you when this transgression occurs virtually daily on the part of many in here, yours truly included. And it doesn't really matter why, does it?

I find it very hard to reconcile - that the equipment you can afford/choose to buy, comes above all else ?

Wow !?

Maybe I have sadly underestimated the quality of the people here ............. ?

I do not think it is the way the forum is ?! - as the way YOU think !?

Perhaps, all the other stuff is not even necessary. Photography on its own is good enough for me - your means of indulgence means little, other than to yourself perhaps (I think that is true for most of us).

Sadly we have people to deal with !?!?!?!?!

Hardly ...... some of the best people are to be found in here, believe you me. Hang about and post some images and prove me wrong.



See you about Al.

By the way, I had the good fortune to spend some time on the west coast of bonny Scotland. What a time I had. She is truly a beauty for sure.


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