A Commentary on Photo Legitimacy

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Re: Relativistic argument...

REShultz wrote:

Right on, can't agree more. I think that for some post work is an honest artistic endeavor. But I also can't help but think sometimes that people are really reaching too far to justify post-work.

I went through a period when I modified most of my pictures and was way to aggressive with contrast and especially vignetting. Looking back I regret those days because that was a time I was compensating for not learning my camera and getting it as right as possible in camera. Standing alone without this post work, the pictures were just not very good.

One goes through experimentation periods and there is nothing wrong with that. At some point I decided I was documenting my city in a honest way.

Recently I listened to an hour long interview with HCB 'Le siècle de HCB' and I agree very much with him, when he says that one must learn to see even before using a camera. When having one, one must be there at the right moment, before the subject 'dies' , and the image becomes meaningless. I find this sort of awareness, akin to Herrigel's Zen, that HCB read, far more interesting than anything else.

To spot interesting things going around me has made me a Jpeg shooter, although from time to time I might use an Art Filter or B&W.

Note that HCB had a fetish for B&W, which later infected the Magnum photogs, but he was conscious that it was an abstraction to reveal the geometry of the image.


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