Pondering Fujifilm's Lack Of Transparency And The X-tans Sensor Future - Dead End?

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Re: Pondering Fujifilm's Lack Of Transparency And The X-tans Sensor Future - Dead End?

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There is certainly a growing list of owners and potential buyers here. Maybe we will get a direct response from Fujifilm concerning this issue.

I may be mistaken but it is not Fujifilm who own Adobe or the other software companies that produce RAW processing software.

And it is frustration about RAW processing software's failure to 100% support the new X-Trans that is the issue here.

We can all speculate that Fuji are not being transparent about the X-Trans or not providing the the right type assistance to RAW processing software companies but my opinion is that it is the exact opposite.

The reality is that people who are writing RAW converters have been drawing a big blank from Fujifilm when it comes to information about how to do image conversion using the X-Trans sensor.

DO you really expect EVERY software vendor to have to do a massive R&D effort to duplicate what Fujifilm already knows about their sensor? And to do it for a very small part of the market.

Your comments about Fujifilm helping software companies is just speculation. I suggest you read up from the blog of someone who is actually in the business of trying to ger information out of a recalcitrant camera manufacturer who sees software companies as "sponges" on the market which the camera manufacturer is creating and should therefore own and control.


Seems the same Fujifilm attitude of silence that we saw with the X10 orbing issue is still there. As a corporation they are not learning.

It would be sad to see Fujifilm lose their market, as purchasers realise that they are stuck with either inferior software, or good software with inferior conversion algorithms, due to Fujifilm's unhelpful secrecy and silence.

I am considering cancelling my order, as I have 10K photos in LR and am not going to put up with a camera that *COULD* make great photos, but which can't be used in the software I have chosen to use.

I do recommend to those how want to cancel their order to do so. If they don't and they see what theses cameras can do... then they will be stuck with them (not wanting to return them) !

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