E-M5, E-PL5, E-PM2... or wait?

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Re: E-M5, E-PL5, E-PM2... or wait?

djst wrote:

The new PEN cameras underwhelmed me in a way, but I've been waiting so long for them to be announced that I now hesitate to buy the E-M5 since it will likely see a price drop in just a month or so. To make things even worse we will likely see an E-P5 in february.

The screen of the new PENs sucks. The OMD is heavy and is waiting for a price drop. I can't decide if I really need an EVF built in or if a detachable is better due to smaller body when not needed. Nextopia makes me curious about the E-P5. Aaarrgghh!

The OMD is:

the numero uno,
the market leader,
the cream of the crop,
the cherry on Oly's sunday,
the king of the mirrorless hill.

Look at the amazon top sellers:


The OMD has 4 to 5 bodies in the top 40.  At a $1000 dollar price point!

5 frickin' Axis IBIS (which means steadycam like handheld video!) and the Sony sensor are kicking the remainder of the market's a**.

The OMD might drop $50 to $100 but due to demand and market strategy, it won't be dropping more.

What this means is that the resale value of the OMD will be very very good.

Buy the OMD now, and then resell it in 1 years time when Oly releases an OMD 2 which will have all of the codecs that the GH3 has, and improved ergonomics (read larger, better buttons).

Olympus is going to leverage the partnership with Sony and smash the GH3 and the high end mirrorless market right in the mouth.

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