Camera vanishes without a trace

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Re: Camera vanishes without a trace

Well................I have kind of a love hate relationship with mine. I purchased one in August, it worked for one trip and then developed a severe focusing issue. So off it went for repair it was back in about a week and I took it out to play with a couple of weeks later and the freeking lens froze in the zoom position after about ten shots, so off it went again for repair and came back about a week later repaired. I used it over the last two weeks and it worked okay so my fingers are crossed.

I will say that the zoom is good, the lens is very sharp even at full zoom and photos for the most part have been good when it is working correctly. Colors are pleasing and even better with light PP. it is a perfect travel size, battery life is okay but one or two spares should be purchased. It can be charged with my desk or car charger for my Samsung phone which is very nice. It does not equal my NX200 or NX100 in output but it is still decent.

the price jumps up and down week by week. I have noticed quite a few refurbs on the market so I am not the only one who has had issues. I do not really trust the camera to not crap out on me again though. For others they may never an issue. It is well built, comfortable to shoot with, the LCD is lovely.

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