D600 Dust issue proven with time lapse video...

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Re: I should have been more clear.

Robin Casady wrote:

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Robin Casady wrote:

It has been posted. As was pointed out in the other thread, on example does not prove much.


The subject title was Re: D600 Dust issue proven with time lapse video... (my italics). One camera does not prove much about the issue. It only shows what is happening with that camera. It doesn't tell us that all D600 perform that way. It says nothing about how many are affected.

The video doesn't prove anything about what is causing the dust to show up. It could be oil splatter from the mechanisms in the camera. It could be debris left over from mfg. It could be paint scraped up from a part rubbing where it shouldn't. It could be dust in the chamber being blown around by the mirror movement and settling on the AA filter.

It doesn't tell us whether this is a continuous issue, or merely a break-in phenomena.

Nothing much is proven, other than this particular camera gains spots when a rapid sequence of 1,000 shots was done when the camera was new.

If he had conducted the test and it showed not one single dust particle, would you say, "the example doesn't prove much"?

Yes. It would only prove that no spots appeared during this sequence. It wouldn't prove that they wont not appear later when the camera is warmer.

Nikon themselves request such evidence when evaluating whether a camera has a problem. To suggest his test doesn't prove anything is nonsense.

Nikon requests that evidence to determine whether that one camera should be cleaned under warranty. Not the same as validating the evidence for proving the issue.

If you took a random sampling of 1,000 cameras from various batches, you could come up with a fairly good statistical analysis of the issue, but one camera does not prove the issue.

Nikon will be able to analyze the data from their service centers to determine whether there is a problem, but you cannot do that with one video of one camera.

When evidence is right before us why do people still refute it?

Because it is anecdotal.

There are a great number of people reporting this issue, including camera rental companies that rent out all brands and types of cams.

I didn't say there wasn't an issue with D600 spots. I commented on the OP's claim that this video proves the issue.

The most compelling evidence, so far, comes from lensrentals.com. They tested a number of cameras and found what they considered to be an above normal amount of spots.

The fact is there is a tangible problem with many D600's generating dust and propagating it on the sensor internally - not through changing lenses.

Possibly. My D700 had break-in spotting when it was new. My D800E has had break-in spotting. It sort of looks like it may be more severe with the D600, but you can only guess about that from posts on this forum. There has been a lot of hysteria on this board, lately.

Even if there is more spotting with the D600, it doesn't really qualify for the level of outrage expressed here unless it proves to be a long-term problem. If it goes away after a few thousand actuations it just means you have a little more maintenance to do during break-in.

I am sure Nikon has already identified why this is happening and are (or have) taking steps to ensure the issue does not occur with newer D600's - but evidence of this would be nice.

Possibly, but it could also be that Nikon knows the cause and has decided that some spotting at break-in is the best choice among bad choices. For example, would you prefer then to err on putting too little oil in the works and have your D600 wear out with half as many actuations? Would you be willing to replace the shutter and/or mirror mechanism at 75,000 actuations instead of 150,000?

Perhaps you plan to sell the camera before you shoot that many shots. If it becomes apparent that the D600 has a short shutter life-expectancy, the price you get for it would be lower.

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Wow you have a lot of time on your hands haha! When I stated "Dust issue" I mean whether it's oil, dust, shavings, filings, your dandruff etc. Its what people have been referring to when speaking about this specific problem Mr. literal. Change it to Dust/Oil and you'll still pretend there's no issue. Anyone who has this issue and watches this video will unequivocally know that this is the same issue they are suffering from so no, it doesn't just prove this problem with this one lone camera. It's also helpful to know that he never switched lenses so this issue is internal. Hmm, top left corner like everyone is complaining about, isolated my behind... You sir are ignorant. Do you work in the Nikon pr department or do you just get off on seeing all those words you typed on your screen?

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