Is a D80 still any good?

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Re: Is a D80 still any good?

mandwa wrote:


I have just switched from Canon to Nikon and after some adjusting i am finding my D5100 not to bad. I am thinking of a used D80 for my Wife (so we can share lenses etc) but is it any good these days.

I like the look of the camera and they are available on ebay for around £130 which seems good. I did use a D40x some time back for a while and that was ok but i found the colours a bit over the top, does the D80 suffer this?

Mu Wife prefers a larger camera (as do i) with a decent grip etc.

Any thoughts on this appreciated.

You might also keep your eye out for a D90, its quite a step up from D80 and I have seen a few of them creeping into the second hand market at reasonable prices.  I have a D70 and D90, jumped the D80 as not much included in the new camera.  Same deal with the D80 & D90 both can use the older G lenses as they have an internal motor in the camera and you can find them at lower prices also.

Good luck, both cameras are OK.

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