Why I'm not waiting for a D400

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Re: I tend to agree, to a point

jfriend00 wrote:


Unless you have some specific details about this technology progression to share with us, you're guessing that in 2-3 years, mirrorless AF, tracking, view finder responsivness and other performance characteristics will be as good or better than the best dSLRs are today. That, I think is a bold guess. It might be right, but it might not.

I dont have specific details, of course. Just the general direction of where and how fast technology is evolving. You are right...it might or it might not happen. Considering how things have changed in the DSLR world and tracing a parallel to the mirrorless....I still think that in 3 years time (maybe 4) we'll see comparable features in AF tracking in mirrorless to what today's D300 is and much better ISO capabilities of  a current model DLSR. At that point...I'll make the switch, because for me D300's AF is good enough

Anyway, not trying to overpush my point, DLSRs will continue to exist and they will continue to have a market. Remember the pie is getting bigger, not smaller, so newer segments are the way to capitalize that growing market.

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