DSLR cameras depreciation

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Re: DSLR cameras depreciation

alex nov 2012 wrote:

May be anybody knows any tricks to keep depreciation under control, say not more than $200-$250 (10-15%) per year for mid-range DSLRs? How about changing them every 6 months and looking for best deals each time? Did anybody try that? Anything else?

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Depreciation is a fact of life, arguably worse with digital cameras.

You do have some control over the costs of depreciation...  Your price range of $200-250 is unrealistically low, in my opinion.

Buy quality gear/brands with the features you really want/need/can use effectively.  The better brands do hold value somewhat better and are easier to sell.   Keep that gear as long as it serves your needs and works reliably.  Take good care of it so it is appealing to a buyer.

Carefully assess new gear for features that you find wanting or missing from what you currently own, but don't upgrade until you decide the feature is what you want and worth the cost. Skip a generation or two.

Sell your current camera yourself, on-line.

Consider buying used or refurbished equipment with the desired features to get buying costs down.



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