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Re: Enjoying the new K-01

J Posthuma wrote:

Well just as the other forum members replied, I like the effect of the water drops as well. Great one. And good choise to make a B&W of it. Would like to hear a bit about postprocessing here. What have you done to make it pop like it does?

Great one, thanks again for sharing.

I recognize your distraction with the K01. It is a completely different machine to operate. It so often happens I raise it to my eye or fail to find the wheel... but I do like the K01.

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For processing, I carefully converted from raw like I would any color image, but with a little extra padding in the highlights. Then I ran an action (in Photoshop) that I created that throws a bunch of adjustment layers at the image. One  layer is a black and white conversion layer. After experimenting a bit, I settled on a conversion similar to the high contrast red filter. I liked most of the image with this conversion, but some of the fall colors looked blown, so I duplicated the conversion layer, turned off the visibility on the original conversion layer, and converted this adjustment layer using the green preset. I then turned on visibility on the original conversion, and carefully painted over the areas of the mask containing blown foliage with a soft black brush. This revealed the green conversion layer, muting the blown areas.

I also may have duplicated the background layer and applied a wide radius unsharp mask to get some areas to pop, applied a layer mask, then painted to reveal those areas I wanted more contrasty (I tend to experiment with this technique to see if I like the results, but I don't recall for sure if I did this to this photo.

I may have added some film grain.

I may have added a vignette.

I may have applied a curves adjustment layer.

I applied an unsharp mask after resizing.

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