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Re: A quick J1 question

BobT wrote:

So are you saying that this series has only the one (10-30) lens right now? Are any other lens systems compatible, such as m4/3rds, or NEX?

I guess I'd like some real answers/opinions as to how this Nikon 1 series gear compares to m4/3rds, and Sony's NEX. I'm looking for light weight gear with DSLR capabilities. What fits the bill NOW (not in the future), or what comes closest to fitting the bill at present. One can always figure that the "next generation" of this-or-thats camera or lens system will be better than today's. But then you'll never by any gear and take any pictures.

There are a number of lenses for the Nikon 1 system.  The most common zooms are a 10-30mm and 30-110mm.  I have both and a J1.  Lenses are not the problem and Nikon is bringing Including including a newer superzoom.  I love my J1 and would feel fine using it to shoot my young nephews soccer game for memories.  But, the J1 really isn't a good DSLR replacement for sports.  Even with my 30-110mm and good light, it would not be able to match my DSLR.

the v1 has a nice viewer and is more DSLR-like.

Both are getting very popular because there are great closeout/refurbs on both as the J2 is out and the V2 is coming.  The V2 is allegedly more of a dlsr replacement.

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