Canon Pixma Pro9500 MK II problem

Started Nov 20, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Canon Pixma Pro9500 MK II problem

Yes. If you chose inside PSE to allow the printer driver to control color, then PSE will not interfere. BUT then you must turn it on in the printer driver.

And the oposite goes for choose for photoshop to control color. If you do then you turn it OFF in the printer driver

It's one or the other. Never both.

Theoretically, assuming you are using OEM paper and OEM inks, you should be able to get a good print, letting the printer driver control color and turning it off inside PSE.

It would be good but not perfect.

If your print is too dark ( Using Normal Setting or Default settings within your driver ) when they look fine on the monitor, then your monitor is too bright. And viseversa!

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