Does A DSLR APS-C Camera Produce Creamier Bokeh Than A Mirrorless APS-C Camera?

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Re: Does A DSLR APS-C Camera Produce Creamier Bokeh Than A Mirrorless APS-C Camera?

marike6 wrote:

SirSeth wrote:


Bokeh is the "quality" of miss-focused highlights. I think you are talking about background blur which is not exactly the same concept.

Bokeh is the quality of ALL of the background blur, not just the highlights.

From Wikipedia, "Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur,[5][6][7] in out-of-focus areas of an image".

I stand corrected--or at least expanded.  Thanks marike. Since I don't consider wikipedia to be authoritative I did a quick search. Ken Rockwell starts out by defining it as the quality of out of focus points of lights, but later defines it more generally. Some sources mentioned that many photographers do use a more strict definition of bokeh to mean out of focus highlights as I have, but the majority do consider the quality of any out of focus part of an image fall under the banner of the term. I hereby expand my definition.

I will mention that I think there is blur that is not bokeh. Hand shake or blur from shutter speeds that are too slow, does not qualify imo.



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