studio lighting setup using FL50rs

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Re: studio lighting setup using FL50rs

historianx wrote:

Since I am a long-time film era street photographer who, until now, never cared about studio work I would like to know if any of you use your FL50rs and how you use and shoot with them in studio or location setups: stands, umbrellas, soft boxes, transmitters (yeah I know my E-3s can trigger them remotely but I do not want to use them that way). I am a novice at this kind of stuff so please be gentle and thorough, I thank you in advance JB

PS the first thing I did was get a copy of Light: Science and Magic, a very helpful book.

Here is partially the gear I use in studio or outside.   (stands and what not at the bottom)

There's tons of different stand makers and modifiers. Some mods can be made easily and some are cheap enough to buy without a second thought. I really love my C-stands. They're sturdy, heavy, work horses that never fail me. I use pocket wizards but if you don't need to trigger outside you can get away with cheaper triggers like radiopoppers or some such. They work just as well.

In terms of what flashes I use. FL50R, Nikon SB 28's, Vivitar 285hv, Einstein and Alien Bees. I use them all, sometimes all together, sometimes only one or two. Depends on what I want. Not sure what else I can add that would answer your question.

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