Canon Pixma Pro9500 MK II problem

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Re: Canon Pixma Pro9500 MK II problem

When you turn off color management in the driver, you are simply telling the driver to not mess with the values that PS or PSE or LR or whatever program you use to edit and print your images.

So how does the printer "KNOW" how to mix or combine the CMYK inks to produce the correct colors at the correct value and density? From the instructions sent by the ICC profile for that Paper/Printer and in the case of 3rd party inks, THE INKS as well.

For instance, in PS when you are ready to print and click on PRINT, you will have the opportunity to chose between letting PS control color OR letting the driver control color.

You will of course choose to let PS control color. You then have at your disposal, a list of ICC profiles for your printer. Whether they are the ones installed by the printer driver, from 3rd party paper sellers or custom made IIC profiles made by you or someone else. That profile will tell the pinter what to do.

IF you do not have your monitor properly calibrated, then this will all be moot.

The goal to have a print more or less match your image as viewed on your monitor

( which is an impossibility ) is the goal.

So if you really want to get serious about this subject then you will need to follow a strict color management workflow.

This actually begins with the camera by using an X-Rite Color Checker Card and software to create a color profile for your particular Camera / Lens / Lightling condition. Do you really need to do this? Well that's up to you. I do use one.

Your lens and camera sensor processes colors pretty close but is has a problem depicting certain colors. Take a look at the many videos on the X-Rite web site.

Next comes a colorimeter for Monitor and Printer profiling. The X-Rite Colormunki does both jobs extremely very well.

Color management work flow throught follows!

I am not sure what exactly you are looking for or expecting in your printed images or what it is you think they should look like. If you are just stating that they don't quite match the monitor, then you know what the cause for that very likely be.


Here are three video links to my videos i've produced on the subject.

Part 1  

Part 2  

PArt 3  

This one is specific for the Canon PRO 9000 MKKII

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