High ISO of D800 still amazes me as does the whole Nikon system

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Re: DPRchallenger, those examples are pretty useless...

Martin Grecner wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

DPR is using LR with some crazy parameters which makes both the D800 and the V1 worse than anything else

I double this. I have done my homework with the D800 NEF files downloaded from DPR some time ago, and they look ways better than in those previews. For some reason D800 files there are over-saturated and thus exhibit more visible color noise. If you develop them properly in LR with HIGH ISO NR turned OFF and leaving everything else at default, the D800 noise looks much better.

As I said in other thread, I believe DPR should correct that in their preview tool.


I don't know LR, but I do know that I always develop my NEF files using CNX and the results for ANY Nikon camera are miles ahead of what is shown on DPR. I don't know why, but that's definitely true. Not that I believe they do this on purpose, but I think they are using LR with some common settings for all cameras and those might work for some of them, but definitely not for Nikons.

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