Buy a DT 35mm lens for the Sony A230 or get a complete new camera

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Re: Buy a DT 35mm lens for the Sony A230 or get a complete new camera

I gotta wonder how familiar you are with photography in general and the camera you have? And what are the issues you have with the pictures?

The A230 is getting pretty old and was an entry level DSLR, but the differences between this and the newer entry level DSLRs (other than the EVF and video option) is mostly going to be high ISO performance (low light).

Getting into more advances cameras, you get all kinds of new features, but the basics aren't changing much or automatically somehow making the photos better (well, they focus faster, but they will still sometimes fail to focus on the right thing).

The 18-55 kit lens might not be a fancy fast zoom, or wide range super zoom, but as a basic F3.5-4.5 aperture lens in that range, it's sharp and should produce clear and totally acceptable photos. (assuming it's the 18-55, if it's the 18-70, I've head some pretty bad things about)

The DT 35mm f1.8 is a fast prime, and a pretty good one, is very clear and sharp. The wide aperture will allow a narrow depth of field for great subject isolation, but if you're issue with your current photographs is getting focus right, a narrow depth of field will make everything worse. The wide aperture will also allow lower ISO with similar shutter speeds, which may resolve some issues?

So while a newer camera will probably improve your photos, or the 35mm prime should improve your photos, and A230 with a Sony 18-55 lens oughta produce pretty decent results (assuming there's nothing wrong with it, which is not unheard of, having parts out of adjustment in the body or the lens that leads to the auto focusing usually being a little off).  If you want to continue with the DSLRs, I'd suggest getting a generic intro book on how the ISO, shutter speed and Aperture all work and effect your photography. And on a really bright sunny day, take the A230 out, in Aperture priority mode set the ISO to 100 and the aperture to f8 and get some photos of stuff with a little bit of shade on them (but still very bright), make sure the shutter speed (which will adjust automatically in Aperture priority mode) never drops below 1/100 of a second. And you should end up with sharp photos, if not, maybe there's an issue with the camera.

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