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Re: Canon T4i - Accessories

beagle1 wrote:

sacnav wrote:

Wow.. so much detail.. Thanks a lot!

Do you have any recommendations for UV filter? I've heard of Tiffen brand for 67mm Filters which is pretty cheap.. is that fine for T4i?

no ! forget the UV filter, it's not needed for digital cameras and degrades image quality - if you need protection for the lens get a hood

I tend to agree. The only lens I have a UV filter on is my Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS which requires a whopping 77mm filter. I combine the UV filter with the lens hood to protect something so large.

In situations where a UV filter would cause the worst problems, I just take it off and be careful. I keep it on when shooting kids because kids love to come up and grab the lens with their grubby little fingers.

For most shots, I never develop anything over an 8x10, so the picture degradation is negligible.

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