studio lighting setup using FL50rs

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Pocket Wizards

Personally, I use Pocket Wizards (PW) because they are tried and true and proven work horses time after time. They are not "CaNikon" oriented, as many of the original adopters were medium format fashion photogs. I used them for a few years wih my Olympus equipment and now use them with my Nikon equipment - the PW Plus II's (now there exist III's) are not designed for any brand, but can and are used for all brands.

Unless you plan on very elaborate lighting or remote activation using these triggers, in reality one channel is enough. Occasionally in urban areas with lots of radio waves you might get interference which just reduces range, but we're talking reducing range from a few hundred yards to a few hundred feet. Well within the 50ft range I use them in for fashion type photography.

Plus II's have four channels to choose from, typically one is more than adequate. Newer models have more channels.

These are no frills they-just-always work units. Very dependable and reliable, though not weather sealed unfortunately (think zip lock bag).

I have lots of examples if youre curious, lots on my website too.


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