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So far from what I saw on Bill Claff's charts is that D600(DX mode) dynamic range outperforms D7000 at all ISOs. I have no reason to think that with D5200 it will be any different.


For those interested in the subject of sensor performance with all the gory details, please, read the sensor section at the clarkvision.com. Highly recommended read!

Only highly recommended if you want to end up getting all kinds of stuff wrong. Which seems to be what you have done. Particularly, the section on the effects pixel size is extremely confused.

And how exactly it is confused?

Where to start? I've done this so many times. If I was sensible I would just keep a bookmark, but I'm not that organised. OK, going from the top:

Dynamic range is defined in this document and elsewhere on this site as:

  • Dynamic Range = Full Well Capacity (electrons) / Read Noise (electrons)

Roger has a more accessible essay "Does Pixel Size matter?" which is also a recommended reading for those who believe (not you) that read noise scales up linearly with pixel area.


Just as misleading, I counsel people form drawing any conclusions unless they have the background to see the flaws. Once again the examples compare cameras with radically different sensor sizes then ascribe the observed differences to pixel size.

The overall pint is this,Roger (and you) is obsessed with comparing things at the pixel sampling frequency, which means making comparisons over different bandwidths. That produces nonsense results, particularly nonsense if what you are interested in is, if you take like photos from the two cameras being compared, which looks better.

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