"Sony Tells DSLR Owners They're Idiots In Awkward Sales Pitch (VIDEO)"

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Finally, two steps in the right direction

Usually, Sony's message is "the best quality cameras have the most megapixels".  As a result, they end up setting an industry standard of around 16MP crammed into a 1/2.3" sensor.  (I think they go up to something like 18MP in a 1/2.8" sensor.)

The new message: "Image quality depends on the sensor size."  It's not perfect, but it's a simple message for the masses.

The other point of the commercial: "You don't need a DSLR if you keep it set in Auto mode." Maybe they did it in an offensive way, but I envision at least of few DSLR owners trying some other settings.

Confession:  When wandering about, I'll usually leave my camera in some sort of Auto mode.   It works well enough for fleeting opportunities, and I can easily switch to Aperture or Shutter priority for shots where I have time to prepare or when I'm not happy with the Auto result.  It seems that Auto has progressed beyond a dumbed-down P mode.

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