nikon 24-120mm or 24-85mm?

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Mako2011 wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Sheesh! For a little more money I can buy a new 135mm 2.0 DC and then add the 24-85vr. Or spend the same on the 24-85vr and 70-300vr....or get the 105vr and add a 28-200G for the same money...and on and on.

I much prefer the single lens 24-120 solution to your options.

The issue for me, I agree, is VALUE. The 24-120 offers very little...

That depends on what your are looking to use the lens for...I find it a great value as it does exactly what I want in one lens. That's is why I use it most often and consider one of my better purchases. Again subjective....many Love it...many hate it....your subjective opinion is clear as to how you feel.


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