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schaki wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Good points, the CX5/6 harkens back to "re-inventing" the early R series phase detect focus system. Something sorely missed. Not always understood, the R4 for example, was a quick focus demon way back then. If I was to get another CX I would limit myself to the phase detect focus models. Otherwise my CX1 serves well enough still, and there is always the "$50" R10 that I found that I might use as my rough-conditions carry-about as the dearly loved much battered R4, whilst still working, groans a bit about it's gout when I ask it to start up these days.

I'm still thinking about maybe get a R5, mostly to just test it. They are inexpensive but good as long as the lensunit is good and the AF works reasonably well.

It would be a tough choice for me to choose between the CX4 and CX5. The CX4 also have fast AF, at least at the wide end of the zoom. But I don't know how the CX5 holds up with Nr set to Off, it is somewhere near the CX4 or still marginally smudgy.

From the Youtube videos I've seen it seems like the CX4 not supports continues AF in videomode. I'm not sure about the CX5 either.

Methinks the CX series is finished. Ricoh ahas a habit of trying up the bundle and chucking it overboard without a murmer.

It might be replaced by the Pentax superzoom compacts if we are unlucky. These have no PD AF, worse image quality according to more Nr and probably not aperture priority either.

I believe that these cameras are made by Sanyo while Ricoh makes their design their own cameras and let some chinese factory produce them.

Meanwhile the PX might be one of a kind, the RR has long since disappeared and the other rugged models? They only pop up at irregular intervals and are too hard to predict.

The G-series is an approximately two year interval ever since the announcement of the 500G. The only minor exception there is the 500SE which not is a real upgrade, rather an enhanced 500G with some added features.

So if Ricoh is truly finished as a camera brand they have had seemingly plenty of time to re-issue at least some of their lines in Pentax livery. That this has not happened and Pentax also has had a new product hiatus as well seems to indicate some wonderous goings on of one sort or another behind the scenes.

The problem is just most Pentax compacts are not very good which is is true for most of their superzooms which have worse image quality than the CX.

When I guessed that the CX was finished and might be replaced by a Pentax there are certain qualifications:

1) The Pentax version: (if this is what happens) there is not reason why the new camera could not be designed by Ricoh and made in the same way as current CX cameras.  Not being a consumer of many Pentax compact cameras I can only propose that perhaps Pentax have never had such an obvious model procession numbering as for example the R and CX series.  This leaves us wondering why the "missing regular makeover model"?

2) One of the few pronouncements by Pentax-Ricoh was that Pentax might concentrate on dslr and medium format whilst Ricoh made the "compact" cameras.  This might mean that Ricoh produce all the smaller models - CX, GRD, ruggeds, ....  This would probably include the GXR as a compact "systems camera".

3) The "bridge" between the two camera-concepts would surely be a slr-shaped back (with hi-res evf on a hump and slr grip) with GXR mount rails and a Pentax-K compatible module.  Available in Pentax or Ricoh livery of course.

None of this leaves us with any understanding on just why there is such a lack of new model progression.  Either some internal upheaval has thrown the design process into chaos or new product/corporate-directions is being quietly developed and delay-released for maximum impact. Or a thousand and one other possibilities.  Meanwhile most are happy enough to save some money, hold off buying new equipment, keep using our present gear regularly, and wait until something positive emerges.

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