Fed up with Canon How about Metz?

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Re: Fed up with Canon How about Metz?

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

I'm not happy with what I'm getting from my Canon Flashes. Very inconsistent exposure with the RF models and VERY slow recycle. Crazy exposure with regular wireless TTL.

I used to use Metz flashes with no trouble at all. Any one using the Metz 58 flashes and liking them?


Call me crazy. I happen to like photos of cats.

I just sold my 58 af-2. Great flash but did not give me what I needed. I purchased it for the legendary auto exposure which did not disappoint. Very accurate exposures however I am a high ISO shooter when it comes to poorly lit events. I kept getting the overexposure warning beep with ISO sometimes at ISO 1600 and for sure at 3200 at wider apertures.

In auto mode when overexposure occurs with flash at high ISO’s it is because there are physical limits to how fast the flash tube can be fired then quenched. The flash simply can't turn itself off flash enough to prevent overexposure of the foreground.

Two system types control the shut off the flash duration – Auto thyrisror and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor). IGBT is newer tech. One way to think about thyrsitors and IGBTs is to think of a light switch: I flip the switch in a room off when I've had enough light, but that doesn't mean I'm a light switch. I just activate the switch. Similarly, the autosensor "flips the switch" (the thyristor or IGBT) when it receives enough light.

In ETTL mode the flash pre fires and the cameras computer figures out the flash duration so it is predetermined. In Auto mode Thyristor or IGBT fires the flash at full power, the flash sensor decides the flash output and then shuts the flash off. This all happens in milliseconds during the actual exposure so there is just not enough time to shut it down.

Canon vs Metz

1. Metz did not rotate 180 degrees on both sides.

2. Metz head was a little flimsy compared to Canon. Canon is more solid.

3. The button you press to change the head angle was not as easy as Canon. You had to press
    quite a bit deeper with the Metz. It was no big deal but when working with both flashes under
    pressure it is amazing what these little differences can make.

4. The Metz LCD illuminated when any button was pressed. That was wonderful. Hated the Canon
    system however I have just sold all my old stuff and and going Canon RT now. Just got my first
    600EX RT about 3 weeks ago. It has the same feature as the Metz had.

5. Auto exposure put Canon to shame. Metz has that tuned in. This tech has been around since he
    meteor took out the dinosaurs. Can't figure out why Canon can't make something that simple
    work. the 600EX-RT is not much better IMO. I never used it or plan to anyway.

6. ETT:. I think Metz was more consistent.

7. The light Metz produced was superior to canon IMO. Whites were whiter. Images looked cleaner.  
    This is something than can be corrected in PP but I do miss it.

8. Recycle time. Specs say they are the same. Personally I think Canon edged out Metz on this one.
    If you need to improve that perhaps an external power source may be the thing for you.

The Metz was a great flash when I shot charity events and did not feel like working and messing around with FEC. Put it in auto and just fired away. When in low light I had to switch to ETTL. So I decided if I have to switch to ETTL I may as well use one system. Although the menu system is extremely easy to navigate through it is just one thing less to think about when you are busy.

I just got my ST-E3-RT last Friday and ordered a second 600 ad few days ago. Gonna order another 600 in the new year. No more triggers, cables, etc. 3 flashes and the menus and buttons are all the same. It is a little costly but it will be worth it.

So in summary if you are gonna work with Canon you need to just accept you will be adjusting your FEC, when in ETTL in a run and gun situation.

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