Converting Used Canon FD lenses for E420

Started Nov 22, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Converting Used Canon FD lenses for E420

baxters wrote:

rcazador wrote:

Any good websites for used/refurbished lenses? Right now I'm skimming through Amazon.

A good retail shop is They rate their lenses quite conservatively, so their "bargain" quality lenses may compare to many ebay "mint" quality sales. They also guarantee their sales.

If you want to look for unwanted lenses, try the camera auction section at There are all kinds of average quality third party lenses that can be picked up for a few dollars, although the shipping is somewhat high. Note that average quality for a 1980 era lenses is not like a modern average lens for 2012. Here's a typical unloved lens. KEH won't sell stuff like this,

Vivitar 70-210

For better quality lenses that more people want, you will have to compete with others but it's probably still better than ebay.

These 'unwanted' lenses are exactly the type I'm looking for, thanks

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