Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

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Re: Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

Some notes from my experiences with Canon's S95 and S100 (S100 was sold however, I still own the s95)

rexwilson wrote:

- flash doesn't retract automatically, you have to push it;

I had a S95 die because flash was on auto and popped up unexpectedly on the shooter, there's no other point to hold the camera on these small cameras, so I actually like that the flash on the RX100 does not forcefully actuate up and down.

- can't adjust time delay and number of self-timer shots;

That is a well thought out and intuitive feature on the Canons.

- only 28 wide (which is still plenty wide, but s100 is 24).

The 24 wide on the Canon's were very soft in corners since the camera corrects for the wild amount of distortion at that wideness.  24mm wide might have been usable for some, but not for me since there was noticeable loss of corner quality.  Corners looked stretched or skewed, and so when I had the S100 I never shot with it at 24mm equiv, in which I lost the advantage of the wide aperture.

- no super-slow-mo movie mode

This is fun, and would have been neat on the RX100 but I had no real use for it.

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