Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

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Re: Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

ijustloveshooting wrote:

What i love about my RX100 -

* Great photo quality, even at high iso3200, i can get very alive photos that i can't get from Canon G15 at iso 400-800.This sensor shines from 80ISO to 3200ISO...

* Great FullHD video...

* It's stylish....very stylish indeed...Just looking at the camera pleasing me,,,no need to take photos

* Tons of features,,,,you can dig in menus and you'll see lots of features...effects, scenes etc...

* Great features, hand held hdr, multi frame noise reduction, sweep panorama etc...these are really great features once you get used to with.

* Very fast,,,it's a very responsive beast...

* The best LCD i've ever seen!

What i don't like about it,

* Handling is not that good, i feel like i'll drop it anytime,,however i found a particular solution for this.

* In very dim light, AF focus on entire frame not the point you want to focus on.Same behaviour of NEX cameras...

* Short battery life.I ordered a third party battery for backup.

have you tried setting the focus mode to DMF? I love that. I take sharp pics in the dark practically. You press the shutter button it gives you a close up of what is in focus then you turn dial left or right to get into better focus and it's very quick.

The one thing i would have liked is to have the jpegs and raw in different image quality sizes like my canon dslrs. I got used to menus now so not a big deal now. Um, I wish it was faster on the longer end but that is about it.

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