Moving to primes, should I sell the 16-35 or the 24-70?

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Re: Moving to primes, should I sell the 16-35 or the 24-70?

HighLowISO wrote:

Since you're thinking you are a 35mm guy, you should just get one of those, the 35mm f/2, 40mm f/2.8, and remember the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 (supposed to be second to none).

The first two options are cheap, buy one before selling anything, leave the 24-70mm at home and just use it for a month. Are you really a 35mm Guy? You should know after a month if you go shooting, and you don't need the better 35mm lenes to find out. "If you are a 35mm guy?" you should be able to figure out on your own what you need to do next. If you find you're not, well then at least you found out something without spending a lot of money.

That would be my course, since you are unsure at this point.

Enjoy the trip.... (ps... a new little system is not a bad idea either, I chose Fuji)

My colleague have a 35mm f/2 and when we went on a company trip a while back, I tested it for 3D2N and found it to be true that I'm a 35mm guy. I like the framing and compose better on it than a 50mm. It has more space surrounding a subject than 50mm (which IMHO is too tight).

Thanks for your suggestion, I really appreciate your thought - saving money before actually spending anyway.

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