"Sony Tells DSLR Owners They're Idiots In Awkward Sales Pitch (VIDEO)"

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Re: "Sony Tells DSLR Owners They're Idiots In Awkward Sales Pitch (VIDEO)"

mcl wrote:


Sony has said the same thing ever since they got into DSLR.  Their upper management said the same thing then and since.  That is why they are evolving their cameras to being only green auto cameras, don't even have any DSLRs anymore. This ad shows exactly what sort of camera manufacturer Sony is, makes their attitude very clear.

And where did they get the idea that NEX were any different?  Probably even greater percentage of NEX users with their camera set on green auto. You don't suddenly become a pro by buying a NEX either.

One only has to read this forum since it was first formed to see that it's possible Sony is somewhat right, at least about Sony buyers. Plenty of misinformed people here.

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