D600 High ISO in DX

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Re: D600 High ISO in DX

Leo360 wrote:

Jeroniemo wrote:

When a DX lens is used on the D600, will you get better high ISo performance than the say D5200 ?

ISO performance in D600 DX crop mode should be the same a in D600 FX mode.

No it shouldn't. The DX sensor, or DX crop form a sensor will be collecting over a stop less light than an FX sensor. If we assume that The D5200 sensor has the same efficiency as the D600 sensor, then the 'ISO performance' (there is no such thing, actually) of it and a DX crop from a D600 will be exactly the same. The D5200 will reveal more detail, since it has 24MP as opposed to 10.5.

At this point comparing to D5200 is purely speculative, for I have no any hard data. But one typically expects FX body to perform better. D600 photosites are 6x6 microns while D5200 are 4x4 microns. So geometry is on the D600 side

Photosite (or even pixel) size has very little connection to sensor efficiency and therefore low light performance. The pixels might be bigger, but you have fewer of them, so in the end the same amount of light gets collected.

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