D600 High ISO in DX

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Questions thread
John Motts Veteran Member • Posts: 5,451
Re: D600 High ISO in DX

3D Gunner wrote:

That depends on your point of view. The relation noise to signal at pixel level is the same in FX and DX.

..which in practice means nothing.

I'm talking about actually reproducing and using the files.

If you only use half of the sensor or half of the image, then you have to enlarge your image twice as much, just as you would do with different film formats.

So beyond any question, the high ISO performance is always going to be better when you use all of the sensor rather than just half of it. "Pixel level" is meaningless in practice.

In answer to the OP, we don't actually know about the D5200 yet. Sorry.

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