Photographyblog Zuiko 50 200 review - Does it make sense?

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John Iversen
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Re: Can't you see two images above?

Agree completely with the SWD's abilities as a short/long wildlife lens sans pareil, having used it exactly that way for a couple years now.  Furthermore, I really haven't noticed "ugly bokeh" at the macro end of things, perhaps because I prefer to shoot at either f/5.6 or 6.3.   As for tele AF, I've gotten into the habit of backing the lens down from full extension by about 1/8th turn for normal birdhunting carry (note: almost always shoot birds at full tele with the EC1.4), and it seems to do just fine from there.

As for The Unusual, the only thing that I could possibly imagine could be truly unusual around here these days is a thread in which Mr. Green does not stick unmentionable portions of his anatomy immediately if not sooner.


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