I just want to back up my JPGs to the cloud - what solution?

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Re: CrashPlan has worked for me.

kelpdiver wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

Another option is to roll your own cloud.


If you have a friend, family member or business location you can attach an external drive to one of their computers or put an old computer or laptop of your own on their location and run Tonido's software. It works great. Or you can purchase their small unit that accepts any 2.5" drive. All it needs is a wall outlet and an ethernet/lan connection or wifi.

The free version seems to have a pretty narrow limit on file syncing - 2gig. 39$ gets you 100G, 99$ gets you 200G. If I understand that limit correctly, that's unfortunate. The description of the sync feature seems great for people (at a minimum distance apart) to share the burden and host each others files.

But you don't need the file syncing for use as a backup. The plug comes with the pro software or for 39 bucks you can purchase it.

The file syncing feature allows you to create Dropbox like folders. That is not necessary for backups.

For automated backups with backup software of your choice the $39 software allows you to map the drive to a letter in windows.

39 bucks a year for basically unlimited storage, limited only by the drive size you have, is pretty cheap.

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