XE-1 first impressions from a Canon user. Few pics.

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Re: XE-1 first impressions from a Canon user. Few pics.

joharis wrote:

Thanks for your impressions and nice pictures. I am considering the same change from Rebel to X-E1 and you took away some doubts. How did you experience the change from optical viewfinder to EVF?

The EVF is very usable. Sure, there is a little lag when panning quickly, but it doens't bother me. I shoot more slowly and deliberately. Haven't looked at the specs, but the Fuji VF seems larger. It is actually easier for me to see than the small optical VF on the rebel. It's also nice and bright and makes shooting in low light a little easier.

Another learning curve were controls in general. Different buttons, the aperture ring, etc. But just like  when I started driving on the left side of the road here in Okinawa, it was confusing at first, but it's second nature now. I'm not quite there with the XE-1 yet, but it shouldn't take long.

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