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Re: Thanks!

tsk1979 wrote:

Thanks for your complement.

Yes compactness is a big deal no doubt.

I actually own a D7000 also, and when on travel I often carry that.

However, my dream is to have a reasonably compact 16-100 kind of lens, partially collapsible(not fully to pancake, but to 18-55 size).

Did you consider the RX-100 ?

Then I can sell of my Nikon 16-85 and use the NEX as my walkabout lens.

you are right about the adapter bit. I am hoping for a price drop on the LA-EA2 to about 200$. Will allow me some experimentation, and better video shooting.

If you use a video tripod or IS lens.

That said, I wish, at the 900$ price point, the sony 18-200 had a better image quality.

It is an impressive lens, just a bit too slow for all around usage.

If sony gets a 18-125 kind of lens, even then it would be good, but size should be slightly smaller than the 18-200.

If 16-50 can be made collapsible, then I presume 18-125 kind of lens can be made partially collapsible.

The 18200 is already collapsible. Extended, it is about 20cm, collapsed, about 12cm.

A 18125 lens would extend to about 12cm and collapse to about 7cm.

The 1650 extends to about 5cm and collapses to 3cm.

The 1855 is about 5.5cm fixed.

The RX-100 collapses even further (three sections) enabled by a smaller & lighter design.

Anyways my next lens target is whatever sony comes out with in 2013, and I am also looking at selling my Samyang 8mm(F3.5)(Nikon mount), and getting the Samyang 8mm (2.8) as I do wide field astrophotography, and the brighter the better. 1 stop is a big deal for me.

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