"Sony Tells DSLR Owners They're Idiots In Awkward Sales Pitch (VIDEO)"

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john farrar
john farrar Veteran Member • Posts: 5,038
Re: "Sony Tells DSLR Owners They're Idiots In Awkward Sales Pitch (VIDEO)"

That's a bizarre marketing video. How many people who recently got a DSLR are going to already be so p****d off with it that theyll want a tiny little thing to replace it? Having a know-it-all camera bore in your face telling you your DSLR is not looking 'cool' on you would be more likely to make someone like me all the more determined to keep it.  After all, I use my Xperia smartphone for the tiny camera stuff these days and the better the smartphone becomes the more I'll use it.

And another thing, when you get tired eyes - as you ineviably will when you get older - you'll come to appreciate intelligent auto modes in a lot of situations and save the hard-to-see menu-based fiddling around for the more important creative shots that the camera might not have been able to optimize.

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