Convince me to not buy the RX100

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Re: Convince me to not buy the RX100

GomerP wrote:

I enjoy taking pictures, but have never had a "real" camera. Unless the Panasonic TZ7 is such a camera.

I think I have a good eye for composition, and an understanding of shooting manually. I also recently moved to DC which means there is ample opportunity for interesting shots. The goal is to be able to capture some of it before we move in a few years and to make some prints to decorate our walls.

I'm drawn to the Sony because of it's large sensor, portability, and fast lens/low light capabilities. Many of the memorials (especially the Korean War Memorial) are especially compelling at night.

The primary turnoff is the price. The night before last Amazon was including the Sony leather case and a 16 GB class 10 memory card for $648. I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trigger.

While I'm the sort that realizes the best never comes cheap, I also have an eye for value, as well as the functional lifespan of an item. In other words, is it so advanced that it won't be quickly surpassed and I'll be wishing I had waited. It's a typical conundrum I'm sure!

Others I have considered are the S100 and the LX7.

The main thing I don't need is small form factor (although the convenience appeals to me). I'm also not too interested in this stage in interchangeable-lens cameras at this stage. Is there anything else I should consider? Or should I just pull the trigger


Did that work ? No ? Oh well I tried.

It is expensive but then its way better than any other compact I've ever tried and by quite some margin. One thing I wouldn't recommend is that leather case though. For one thing that is also expensive for what it is. The main reason though is that it doesn't provide the protection your camera needs. I used to keep a Canon S95 in my shirt pocket or in a similar case to the Sony. Then eventually I found that I had a lot of lint and dust on the sensor. The dust and lint gets onto the outside of the camera then works its way through the lens barrels when it entends and contracts and over time migrates into the camera and onto the sensor. Being a fixed lens camera you cant just pop the lens off and clean it. Its a service centre job and the dissassembly cleaning and re-assembly necessitates the need for some recalibration, and ends up being quite expensive. So I would recommend that if you do get the RX100 that you keep it in a case that fully zips up to keep as much dust and lint away from it as you can. I use a fairly cheap case4life. Its a squeeze but the case 'gives' after a while and the RX100 is solidly built so it doesn't suffer from the initial tight fit.

The RX100 is way ahead of the other premium compacts and is out in a class of its own. That won't remain so for long though. The other manufacturers are forced to respond and you can bet that Sony has developements under way to outdo them when they attempt to catch up. The RX100 will be the front runner for a while but there will be a RX101 or RX200 and competitors eventually. Thing is though the RX100 won't suddenly become less capable when that happens, it will still be as good as it is today - just no longer the cutting edge. Keep using it until it wears out.

Should you pull the trigger ? Lets see - you wanted to be persuaded not to so - NO DON'T DO IT.

You will anyway so enjoy your RX100. Let those wonderful images you take with it blow your buyers remorse away. As long as you can still afford to eat that is.



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