Just one reason why I shoot 4/3'rds.....

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Jim Ford Senior Member • Posts: 1,225
Re: Just one reason why I shoot 4/3'rds.....

John King wrote:

Never had a sensor cleaned (or needed it ... ) with 3 bodies over 5 years.

Same here - E500, E3 and E5.

I tend to forget that it's an issue on some cameras and am mildly surprised whenever the subject crops up.

It was one of the reasons I chose Olympus. I was using a fixed lens camera (Nikon Coolpix 995) and working with someone that had a Canon (can't remember what model, but it was expensive!). He was constantly complaining about the cost of having his sensor frequently cleaned. Up to that point it hadn't dawned on me that unlike film that I'd used on SLRs, it was a serious issue. This was 10 years (or more) ago, when cleaning sensors was considered to be a specialist job.


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