Pentax K-01 body for US $317.

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Don't forget...

... to add the 'official' Pentax K extended warranty. It's only about $20 for 2 additional years, a total of 3. Generally, I'm NOT an extended warranty advocate, but did take exception when I bought my K-5. It turned out to be a smart buy as the K-5 needed a shutter replacement during the extended warranty period. Besides the warranty, the out-of-pocket cost to me was shipping to CRIS. They turned the repair around in two days and paid for its return. I understand from others the out of warranty cost for this repair is around $250. On its return, the camera works like new and I've had no problems sense. I could not be much happier.

... just sayin'... M

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