Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

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Re: Sony RX100 - What do you love and hate about your camera?

virtser wrote:

HI Guys,

I need your honest Sondy RX100 owners only feedback.
What do you love and hate about your camera?

I am a DSLR guy who got used to all the best: fast startup time, great auto focus speed, almost no shutter lag and of course viewfinder.

I bought Fuji X10 last year. Although it is a really good camera, I'm not satisfied with it. Its still big (I can't put it in my jeans back pocket), have fast auto focus speed, but its still far away from what I get used to and it has very inaccurate viewfinder.

I'm highly considering to by Sony RX100 in the last couple of weeks mostly because of its relatively small size. My main concerns are lack of viewfinder, auto focus speed, shutter lag and startup time. What can you say about these?

Thank you,

Love it - probably more than anything simply because after quite a LOT of what have been very excellent quality small cameras..  the absolute freedom (to me) of being able - in quite low level UK general Winter-time light mostly - the absolute freedom of knowing I can shoot most anything, anywhere, and not have to bother one bit about letting the camera go (if it needs to) to much higher ISO levels than normal , which still retain what is a decent shutter/aperture combination without me having to worry about that.
Otherwise though it IS . at least to me in my golden years where speed is NOT what many seem to consider a vital necesssity of life  ..  nevertheless what I know by comparison IS a very good focussing speed, a shutter-lag (if bothersome..???) that again doesn't bother me as I don't REGULARLY shoot without taking time between shots..  and viewfinder or lack there ??? ..  I have the excellent LCD which certainly gives ME  enough to be able easily enough to compose a shot (the essence of any good pic) and even in the very bright light ( not a massive big deal in UK again..) I can always manage it whatever the light...

So what is there to be unhappy with ?? ..  size of course just HAS to be a big factor.. no trouble again to carry anywhere - and I do so on a neck cord always... free hands when I'm not shooting .. VERY easy to hand when I need it...

Can't say any more..  for the camera it is.. nothing better ever been in MY hands anyway.. edits other than downsizing are hardly more than a quick check for Levels in CS6.

Hate ?? ..  well - I was not TOO happy at having to pay a lot more than most other small cams I've used .. but you just have to pay for quality.... always been that way - always will...

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