Will be very curious to see Nikon 28/1.8 vs Sigma 35/1.4 results

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Re: Lensrentals opinions on the new Sigma - wow!!!

brightcolours wrote:

The Zeiss 35mm f1.4 Distagon seems to have much nicer bokeh (for a 35mm).

Yes, you are right. Maybe by the manual approach of building lenses by Zeiss. But the Zeiss do have very prone longitudinal chromatic aberration (and I do have my reservations to the sharpness of the lens used wide open). I have read of users that has bought this lens and returned it by this very high LoCA.

See Full res. example. Purple in front of the focusing area, greenish at the back: http://pliki.optyczne.pl/zeiss_1.4-35/DSC_2428.JPG

Resource: http://www.lenstip.com/307.11-Lens_review-Carl_Zeiss_Distagon_T*_35_mm_f_1.4_ZE_ZF.2_Summary.html

Another example (very greenish at OOF contours in the background on harsh contrast subjects): http://pliki.optyczne.pl/zeiss_1.4-35/DSC_2367.JPG

It is always a balance what is important to yourself. For me myself am using many manual lenses by my kind of photography, so manual focus is not a deal-breaker in general for me. But typically in the 35mm area for street photography I do like AF. So the new Sigma could be a "balanced" choice for this purpose. The convenience of silent HSM AF, but against not the ultimate bokeh. Maybe for other purposes I like a Zeiss 35mm/2.0 better?

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