Nikon p510 Auto focus at tepe photo end

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Re: Nikon p510 Auto focus at tepe photo end

I cant say the camea focusing improperly...

Zoom has a big range, so, into an electric one, it is normal it takes some time to go from top wide, to top tele.

About focusiing time... it is slow to focusing but i seen more expensive cameras with same behavior, time to focusing will depend on contrast in de scene and/or area selected, mode selected.... and focal lengh, if you have a low contrast scene, and at long range where the Fuscus Asist Light can not reach... yo willl have long times to focusing.

The main problem in mi opinion... are not times to zoom and focusing... instead is the lack of rings for manual focus and zooming...

With my SRL cameras, i use the autofocus, and make a final correction manually... it solve most of focusing "problems", because no obstructive object can introduce an undesirable focusing zone... in example, you are shooting a bird between tree branches... focus system is stoped by a branch prior the bird, then you made a small touch manually to correct it using the focus ring in the lens.

Manual ring to zoom is another need... this can improve a lot zooming times.

Glad if Nikon reach to understand it and make a camera like that...

clearzoom wrote:

I was in Bestbuy today and the guy said Nikon p510 AF is slow and sometimes goes back while focussing. is that true ??

when I tried that in the store, AF takes quite some time to focus, but hard to know any without trying for many days, so posting here

and also how good is the AF speed of 510 vx canon sx40 and also vs sony HX200v which has faster AF

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